French Visit Cancelled

It is with a very heavy heart that I write to let you know that due to restrictions being imposed in France which will no doubt be rolled out here too quite soon, and due to all the uncertainties we have taken the joint decision with the Douvres Twinning Committee to cancel their visit in April. On both sides of the Channel we are of one mind that we have to act responsibly and to take into consideration the ages and vulnerabilities of members, along with all the unknowns and the multiple aspects of the pandemic, and the decision has been taken with great sadness after much debate, thought, and discussion.

It is a huge disappointment, not least as a lot of preparation has already gone into the visit (I even managed to find accommodation for all the 46 participants!) but I would ask in these difficult times for your understanding and patience, the latter because we hope to be able to revive the idea of the visit at a later date when all of this has blown over ….

I know that many of you correspond regularly with your French friends but for those of you who don’t we thought it would be nice if we put all of you in touch with your would-be guests just so you can send them a few words, (they don’t have to be in French), to make contact and commiserate.

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